Bing Rewards


Bing Rewards are a great way of making very easy "money" if you regularly use Microsoft. In order to sign up for this account you need some form of Microsoft Email. It rewards several points every time you search on Bing. These points can be transferrable to rewards in Microsoft such as 1 month of Skype Premium


One of the best rewards is XBox Live Gold free for one month. You can also enter sweepstakes for better prizes such as XBoxs and Laptops. However these have very low odds but are fun anyway.


XBox Live Gold for 1 month normally costs around £5.99 and is worth 6800 points. 599/6800 = 0.08808823529 So each point is worth around 0.09 pence. You can make around 100 points daily if you use Bing as your search engine so on average every day you make around 9 pence. It will take you around 2 months to get one of the better rewards such as XBox Gold


Microsoft Rewards is an effortless add-on if you already use Bing as your search engine. If you are an existing user of Bing you should definitely use this as it is no extra effort to you. If you have an XBox or want Skype Premium this is a slow but steady way of reaching that goal. It will pay every other month for XBox Gold so if you can be bothered to move to Bing as your main search engine it will half the cost of XBox Gold. The Best part of Microsoft Rewards is that it barely takes any time a day to make "money" however it is a slow way to get the rewards.

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